Sunday – I’m in ♥


Me minutes before the weather cleared out and the sun came out. Need to mention that I was wearing all black and heavy sweater! IMG_3776

My little magical neighborhood in Greenpoint turned all gloomy and sad.

I have probably written it before and I will probably mention it again, but Sunday is without no doubt my favorite day of the week.

Sadly it was raining yesterday and after a excellent night before with friends, I was totally dead. But then again I wasn’t really super sad about the weather.

After procrastinating getting out of bed, I walked down to the store, bought groceries and  ice coffee, walked back, and just backed cookies and made waffles for the week, washed my room, cleaned out and ended my night with sitting and trying to organized and delete around 7000 images on my computer.

Call me boring, call me old, but for me, that was the perfect day I needed! Ah Sunday, I love you more than anything!


Jungle Cafe – Greenpoint


Yesterday we went to Jungle Cafe for a late lunch/early dinner. In my opinion Jungle Cafe is one of the best restaurants in Greenpoint. They serve vegan kind of latino food, tacos, burritos, burgers and so on. And everything is super delicious and they have a bunch of good gluten free options.

IMG_3631 IMG_3630

I have been here a couple of times, but this time we tried out the desserts, which was amazing. It is a special experience to have dessert that is sugar free and loaded with good ingredients. I just makes you feel a little bit less guilt free.

Of the menu, I truly recommend the burger, tacos and I have heard the avocado toast is suppose to be really good!
And the Key Lime Pie was something out of this world!

Heres their website and tags of Jungle Cafe on Instagram.

Wet cat

IMG_0981I feel like I should be writing in english as I do live in America.

The summer has been amazing in New York. It’s hot but I feel like I have gotten used to the humidity, only thing that bothers me is the fact that I feel like a wet cat every time I stand still.

Because weirdly that’s how my body works. I’ll be running around but then moment I stand still is the moment the sweat just pours down. Yum!



Tok meg 2 uker å faktisk poste dette innlegget! Så lat er jeg…… 

So here it goes:
Lenge siden sist alle mann, det er mye som har skjedd siden sist, men det er to ting som forsatt er det samme;
jeg går forsatt på skole og jeg bor forsatt i New York.
Jeg har ingen intensjoner om å bli Norges største blogger eller superkjendis.
Men jeg elsker å gi tips og råd og dele bilder så jeg får prøve å holde denne bloggen levendes litt til.
Vi se hvor lenge jeg klarer å holde det gående. Jeg har så og si vært av og på nå i 8 år.
xx Nadia



FullSizeRender… is it me you are looking for?

I’m not going to write so much, and probably not care either. But I’m going to try for the hundred time to continue blogging.



Finals, check
Quarter is done, check
Plane back to Norway, check
Check check check!!

As I’m writing this, I am lying in bed, in my dads house in Norway, and almost falling asleep. It’s been a long week and I can’t wait to get together with my friends and family and enjoy Norway for almost three weeks! It’s gonna be gooooood!



… you need a timeout, breathe, and just let it sink in. The fact how beautiful life can be, if you want it to be.

Dr. Martens


So it was either this or the 6-inch Timberland. I defiantly feel like this is more me.

Well, hello there.


I’m honestly not ready for the winter! This year I finally found the perfect leatherjacket and I’m not ready to put it away.
New York winter, the struggle…



Just bought my first vinyl, now I’m just waiting for my record player. Haven’t been so stoked about something in a while. I can’t wait to put on Bob Marley and just lay down and listen.

Back. Yes, no, maybe?

IMG_0530.JPGSo my friend is really good on social media and she keeps on telling me that I need to get back. When I left for Norway in July, I was over social media. I was just sick of the selfies, the party pictures, the random statusen on Facebook. I just stopped caring and it felt good!

But I could never delete my Facebook (thats where I keep in touch with people), Instagram (I love watching inspirational pictures) or my blog (because there is tons of good memories here).

But I don’t know, should I give it a shot..? Am I’m gonna be able to keep it up? We can try!

So much has changed the past four months, I won’t go into details, because I feel like somethings I like keeping to myself.
But honestly, for the first time in a loooong time, I can wake up and say, I’m FUCKING happy! I haven’t felt so good in, well.. I can’t even remember!

My life consist of being with good people, enjoying life and exploring New York!

I guess my blog would be great for me to put up inspirational pictures and shit, but it won’t be personal.. I don’t do personal on social media anymore, but hope you’ll like it anyways.


Mysteryland er en elektronisk dans festival på lik linje som Tomorrowland. Tidligere har det vært i Netherland, men i år ble det arrangert i USA for første gang, på samme sted som Woodstock festival var i 1969.

Det var forrig helg og gjett hvem som var der? Jo! Meg og tre av mine nærmeste venniner her i New York. Vi reiste opp som en stor gjeng, bodde på en hytte og var med på helg med fyll, sol og god stemning.

Det var helt fantastisk å kunne være en del av dette. Ifjor i Juli ble jeg forelsket i Tomorrowland og skal tilbake igjen nå i Juli. Og kunne være en del av Mysteryland og se noen av mine favorittdjer med en kald øl i hånden og tre gode venninner rundt meg. Lykke♥


20140519-103804-38284561.jpgSøndag dro Sigurd hjem, men ikke før på ettermiddagen. Vi nøt dagen med å gå helt ned til Financial District, så opp til East Village (som er rundt hvor vi bor) for å så avslutte me herlig thaimat! Det var så utrolig trist å si hadet, men godt at det kun er litt over en måned til vi ses igjen! Gleder meg veldig til å dra tilbake til Norge, merker jeg.

Briller, Ebay. Kjole, Billabong. Sko, Converse. 


17 mai outfit.


Kjørte en veldig enkel stil med blomster i håret og gode sko på! Ble en del gåing.

Blomster, Gina Tricot. Briller, Ray Ban. Kjole, H&M. Veske, Marc by Marc Jacobs. Sko, Converse.