Back. Yes, no, maybe?

IMG_0530.JPGSo my friend is really good on social media and she keeps on telling me that I need to get back. When I left for Norway in July, I was over social media. I was just sick of the selfies, the party pictures, the random statusen on Facebook. I just stopped caring and it felt good!

But I could never delete my Facebook (thats where I keep in touch with people), Instagram (I love watching inspirational pictures) or my blog (because there is tons of good memories here).

But I don’t know, should I give it a shot..? Am I’m gonna be able to keep it up? We can try!

So much has changed the past four months, I won’t go into details, because I feel like somethings I like keeping to myself.
But honestly, for the first time in a loooong time, I can wake up and say, I’m FUCKING happy! I haven’t felt so good in, well.. I can’t even remember!

My life consist of being with good people, enjoying life and exploring New York!

I guess my blog would be great for me to put up inspirational pictures and shit, but it won’t be personal.. I don’t do personal on social media anymore, but hope you’ll like it anyways.

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