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Sunday – I’m in ♥


Me minutes before the weather cleared out and the sun came out. Need to mention that I was wearing all black and heavy sweater! IMG_3776

My little magical neighborhood in Greenpoint turned all gloomy and sad.

I have probably written it before and I will probably mention it again, but Sunday is without no doubt my favorite day of the week.

Sadly it was raining yesterday and after a excellent night before with friends, I was totally dead. But then again I wasn’t really super sad about the weather.

After procrastinating getting out of bed, I walked down to the store, bought groceries and  ice coffee, walked back, and just backed cookies and made waffles for the week, washed my room, cleaned out and ended my night with sitting and trying to organized and delete around 7000 images on my computer.

Call me boring, call me old, but for me, that was the perfect day I needed! Ah Sunday, I love you more than anything!


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