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      ABOUT US


      Yantai Sandem Medical Laboratory Co., Ltd. established in 1998, is specialized in developing and providing reagents for hematology analyzers, reagents for urine sedimentation flow cytometry analyzers, cleaning solutions for medical lab instruments, buffer reagents for CLIA analyzers, Cell Stain solutions.  

      Sandem focuses on ensuring the consistency and reliability in performance of its products and has always been committed to providing its customers with products of the highest quality and value. 

      Sandem reagents are fully compatible with the instrument manufacturer's original reagents and cost-effective, provide accurate results with blood samples and controls. The packaging of Sandem reagents is similar to the instrument manufacturer's packaging configurations.

      Address:10 Duxing Road,Laishan,Yantai 264003,Shandong Province,China
      Tel:+86 535 6721570    Fax:+86 535 6721733     Email: sandem@sandem.com.cn
      Copyright 2016 Yantai Sandem Medical Laboratory Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved