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      DATE【2021-03-06 16:46】 TOTAL:【


      Sandem offers a full line of hematology reagents, such as diluent, lysing reagents, dye and cleaning reagents for Mindray models as below:

      BC6900, BC6800, BC6700, BC6600

      BC5000, BC5120, BC5130, BC5150

      BC5800, BC5500, BC5200

      BC5300, BC5100, BC5380, BC5180, BC5390, BC5310

      BC3000, BC3000plus, BC2800, BC1800, BC3200, BC2600, BC2900, BC3600

      BC2300, BC2100

      BC2200, BC2000

      Sandem can provide branded reagents, dry powders, bulk reagents and OEM formats.

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